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Registration open for SUMMER & FALL CLASSES

Registration open for SUMMER & FALL CLASSES

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Make your Summer count! SCC prioritizes fast entry to the workforce and successful student outcomes for every kind of learner. Summer is a great time to stay ahead or catch up on your schedule.

Summer classes start on May 24. 

Financial aid is available to help you pay for college. Contact Financial Aid to ask about ways to pay.

Summer classes are a great way to:

  1. Jumpstart Your Education! Get ahead in your education. Earn new skills that will put you at an advantage when applying for jobs.
  2. Graduate Earlier. Are you home for the summer? Take a class or two and move that graduation date just a little closer.
  3. Save Money. Get a few general education classes (Math, English, etc.) out of the way for cost savings.
  4. Improve Your GPA. Summer classes are a great way to polish up your grades!
  5. Keep Yourself Prepped. Stay focused for the next semester.
  6. Still, Enjoy Your Summer! Create a light schedule of classes, so you can still enjoy the sunshine.

Ready? Get started by checking out our Summer 2021 Schedule, & the Fall 2021 Schedule apply online and contact Student Services to register for classes before they fill up!


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