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Problems logging into Rams Online?

Problems logging into Rams Online?

by Cable Glenda -
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Your password expires every 180 days. You should make it a best practice to change your password at the beginning of each semester.

If you have not already done so, go to SCC’s Homepage and follow these easy steps.

  1. Click on the Self-Service icon located under Quick Links
  2. Click on Activate account
  3. Click on the Create/Reset Password button
  4. Please login using your student username.  Example: john019876 (first name, two-digit day of birth, last four digits of student ID number)
  5. Be sure to store or write down your username, password and student ID number and keep in a secure location.

Your username will never change, but if you forget or lose your password, then you will be required to reset it yourself by clicking on the Reset password link on the Self-Service page. If you’re unsuccessful 5 times you will be locked out for 15 minutes. During the 15 minutes “no” attempts should be made.